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UHP helium leak detecting (Inboard/outboard)

ABM have years of experience in systems design, manufacturing and testing in semiconductor systems. We offer helium leak testing of full piping systems from small panels to multi-story installation of UHP fusion weld, valves, gauges, fitting and bottle connections.

Our mass spectrometer leak detection offer full data storage capability recording all results (with leak rate achieved) with remote operation for one man leak detection whatever the size of the installation.

Inboard testing the leak detector is connected to the system and helium contained around a weld, valve, fitting etc and the mass spectrometer detecting helium entering the system (providing a leak is present). Leaks can be identified narrowed down to a specific location.

Outboard testing the system is positively charged with helium/helium mix gas and with a “sniffer” probe attached to the mass spectrometer (helium leak detector) each weld, valve, fitting etc can be tested. What the sniffer offer over inboard testing is very specific identification of a leak.

  • Refrigeration/Air conditioning  leak detecting

Helium leak detection can be used to find leaks well below what is required by manufactures.

Where it is critical to ensure a system is completely sealed the mass spectrometer can find leaks much greater than 1 micron. (If no flare connections are used in the system)

With a turbo pump connected to a refrigeration circuit that is seal much greater vacuum is achieved thus removing more of the moisture than is capable from a standard 2 stage vacuum pump.

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